Glass Jar Salt Lamp - Sun Flower

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Salt crystals lamps are natural negative ions generators. Salt is naturally hygroscopic which means it naturally attracts moisture. The interaction of humid air with the surface of a salt crystal releases negative ions. When a salt crystal is heated slightly, it generates negative ions. In order to facilitate this, a small light bulb (usually 7 to 40 watts) or tea light is placed inside a salt crystal. Therefore, it is important to remember that any salt crystal lamp or tea light holder under normal conditions will only generate negative ions when it is warmed by the internal light bulb or tea light. The size of the salt crystal lamp and the conditions of the surrounding area, will ultimately determine the radiant effect of a negative ion discharge.



If you have ever experienced the air at a waterfall, on a mountain top, at the seashore, or after a thunderstorm, then you have experienced the results of negative ions and you know how the air smells fresher and how much easier it is to breathe.

Himalayan natural salt lamps can:-


·         Provide relief from hay fever, asthma, allergies and sinuses related illnesses

·         Reduce stress and depression

·         Increase mental alertness and concentration

·         Enhance immune system

·         Purify air

·         Eliminate odour around from smoking area

·         Reduce EMF (Electro-magnetic pollution)

·         Aid in healing process

·         Create soothing, relaxing, calming and refreshing environment









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·         Always unplug the salt lamp before changing the light bulb

·         Always cover the light bulb with the glass tube provided before putting the salt chunks in the jar.

·         Never move or clean the lamp when it is on

·         Always place the salt lamp on a waterproof base to avoid the damage to the furniture

·         Place lamp and electric fitting out of reach of children. 


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