Essential 8 Set / 10 ml each

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ROSEMARY: Rosemary has become increasingly important over several years.It helps to stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity and relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain. FRANKINCENSE: With an earthy, uplifting aroma, Frankincense creates a comfortable and spiritual environment. TEA TREE: Tea Tree oil has been used to help with skin ailments.It helps clear acne, soothe sores , fight Foot odour and much more. PEPPERMINT: With its cooling and calming benefits, Peppermint can be used for a variety of health conditions.It soothes nausea, stomach issues, and cools overworked muscles. EUCALYPTUS: Eucalyptus essential oil has antiseptic qualities,it is used for healing wounds,ulcers,burns and cuts. LAVENDER: Commonly known for its relaxing benefits, it is also highly regarded for the skin.It is used to cleanse cuts, bruises, skin irritations and more. SWEET ORANGE: Popular in aromatherapy, sweet orange helps eliminate cigarette smoke and other bad odors.It is also used in many household cleaning products. LEMONGRASS: Used as aromatherapy, Lemongrass helps relieve muscle pain, kills bacteria, ward off insects and reduce body aches. Each bottle contains 10 ml.